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Schoolgirl Mistaken for Terrorist Thrown Off Bus in Russian Urals

Authorities in the Russian region of Sverdlovsk have launched an inquiry after allegations that a schoolgirl was thrown off a bus in Yekaterinburg after being mistaken for a terrorist.

The tenth grader was on her way home from a local cardiology center wearing a Holter heart monitor for continuous ECG recording, the local Prosecutor's Office reported Thursday.

Wires sticking out from under the girl's clothes led alarmed passengers and the bus driver to assume that the girl was a would-be suicide bomber. They then forced her to her leave the bus.

The Prosecutor's Office is now seeking to determine if inappropriate provision of services and consumer law infringement took place.

'If sufficient grounds are found, the Prosecutor's Office will take the necessary measures,' a statement on the Prosecutor's Office website said.

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