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Sports Facilities for the Disabled to Open in Moscow

Moscow will begin construction of four soccer fields and a fitness center for disabled persons this year, city website reported Tuesday.

The head of Moscow's city construction department, Andrei Bochkaryov said facilities of a combined 16,403 square meters will appear throughout the city. Moscow city's budget will cover the cost of the project.

Three soccer fields with artificial turf, locker rooms, showers and administrative offices will be completed this year at Trudoviye Reservy and sports schools No. 27 and 76. The fourth field will be on Michurinsky Prospekt, reported.

A fitness center will open in Moscow's southern Nagatino Sadovniki district. It will feature two pools specially adapted for use by disabled persons, a multipurpose gym and a rehabilitation center with massage rooms.

Progress is gradually being made on disabled rights in Russia, with the country's first state-run autism care center opening in Moscow in April. But more than half a million people in Russia have been deprived of disabled status over the past two years.

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