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Russian Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Relationship 'Expenses'

A Russian man has gone to court to try and reclaim the money he spent over the course of a failed romantic relationship, the website reported Thursday.

The resident of Krasnodar lost his initial attempt to win 40,000 rubles ($600) in compensation, but has since lodged an appeal.

The couple split after a romantic trip to the Crimea Peninsula, on which the then-girlfriend had expected to receive an offer of marriage. When her boyfriend failed to pop the question, she ended the relationship, reported.

She received a court summons soon after the breakup and discovered that her former partner had kept receipts and totaled up the amount he spent on dates over the course of their two-year relationship.

He is also suing over a loan of 5,000 rubles ($75), which was given when she was struggling to make ends meet, the ex-girlfriend told the STS television channel.

The man, who works as a lawyer, told the court that he had not been obliged to spend the money, and described the couple's time together as a “working relationship.”

“She can't prove that we were even in a relationship,” the man told STS. “I never said that I was giving her a present or a free ride. Is it immoral to go to court? Am I expected to give out money to every woman on the street?”

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