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All Moscow Ground Transport to Get Wi-Fi by End of 2016

All Moscow buses, trolleybuses and trams will be equipped with free wireless Internet connection by the end of this year, news website reported Wednesday, citing the city's transportation authority Mosgortrans.

“The new service is gaining popularity among passengers. More than 250,000 users have registered with the Mosgortrans_Free network since the start of the project in February,” general director of Mosgortrans Yevgeny Mikhailov was quoted as saying by

Free Wi-Fi is currently available on 4,000 buses, trams and trolleybuses around the city, according to Mosgortrans. The vehicles equipped with Internet connection have special stickers displayed.

Also by the end of the year, free Wi-Fi will become available at 450 of Moscow's bus stops, according to the city's Transport Department.

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