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A Family Affair at the Russian Union of Artists in Moscow

The work of three artists and two generations in one family are on display at the Russian Union of Artists.

If you have a chance before the end of the week, stop in to see an unusual and fascinating exhibition at the Union of Artists on Ulitsa Pokrovka. The exhibition shows more than 50 sculptures and nearly 40 paintings, sketches and photos by three family members: Mikhail Smirnov, Margarita Voskresenskaya, and their son, Alexei Smirnov-Voskresensky.

Although their styles are different, the wooden sculptures of Margarita Voskresenskaya and Mikhail Smirnov seem in perfect harmony with the paintings of Alexei.

Every member of the family has a different kind of creativity and talent. Margarita's sculptures are painted with watercolor and are decorative — a reference to a folk art. Her use of Russian costumes, bright colors and ornamentation captures the national features and character of every model.

Mikhail Smirnov also worked in wood: soldiers, carpenters, fishermen and especially nudes, which are not glamorized in any way. His small and medium-height sculptures are simple and unpainted, but made with great attention to detail. They convey the story of a man devoted to his work, who expresses his meaning naturally and without excess.

Both Margarita Voskresenskaya and Mikhail Smirnov left a significant mark in the history of Soviet art and helped shape the artistic career of Alexei, whose paintings adorn the walls of the hall.

Photos of the frescos in churches are placed near paintings depicting life in typical Russian villages: men drinking vodka before hunting during the winter, villagers celebrating a feast or a market at the foot of a church, which is always present in his art works. The use of vivid colors is distinctive in Alexei's paintings, with white snow next to the light blue of the sky or the red of women's scarves.

At the end of the room are photos of paintings of church interiors which convey the artistic rigor of Alexei Smirnov-Voskresensky. From 2007 to 2010, he painted the Cathedral of the Mother of God of Kazan, the Monastery of Nikolo-Ugreshsky (both in Moscow), and the Saint Sofia Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk.

The Union of Artists of Russia, 37 Ulitsa Pokrovka. Metro Krasnye Vorota.

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