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7 Dead in Krasnoyarsk After Drinking Fake Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Seven people have died of alcohol poisoning in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk after drinking counterfeit Jack Daniel's whisky that contained the highly toxic methyl or “wood” alcohol, Russian media reported Tuesday, citing sources from the regional Investigative Committee.

Committee spokesmen said that 30 affected people had been hospitalized in total, of whom five were in a serious condition, the RBC news agency reported.

Krasnoyarsk police have established that all the victims had bought counterfeit Jack Daniel's online, “for an inadequately low price.” Two men were detained Sunday on suspicion of selling the fake whisky in one of the city's car repair shops, the TVK television channel reported.

Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said that it was usually pricey imported drinks which led to poisoning, RBC reported.

“All of this may suggest that there are several criminal groups operating in the country, which are dealing in this deathly business and are perfectly aware of its consequences. Neither can we rule out that the alcohol was smuggled in from abroad,” he added.

In September, Russia's Health Ministry referred to alcohol as “the leading cause of homicide” in the country.

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