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A Meat Lover's Paradise at Voronezh Restaurant

The restaurant Voronezh offers three floors of dining and a butcher shop, all showcasing beef produced in — you guessed it — Voronezh by the owners.

This chic new butcher shop, cafe and restaurant just opened on Prechistenka is the brainchild of respected restaurateur Alexander Rapoport, who is also the owner of other Moscow favorites such as Dr. Zhivago and Black Thai.

Voronezh is located in an elegant 18th century mansion and has room for 250 diners. But despite its size, the restaurant feels cozy and intimate. The interior is an eclectic mix of industrial grunge, classical art, Russian antiquity and modern minimalism, somehow all working together in harmony. And even though each floor has its own decor and concept, all have one gastronomic premise: excellent meat, produced in Voronezh, southern Russia, and cooked to perfection.

The first floor is a snack bar and modern butcher shop with a casual but invigorating atmosphere. Here you can hang out with young professionals and students to either buy meat to go or take a seat on a comfy bar stool and sift through an array of decadent sandwiches, sausage plates and burgers, all prepared with fresh products from the butcher stand.


For a more sophisticated dining experience, you can head to the second floor and take a seat in Voronezh, a restaurant with spectacular views of the Christ the Savior Cathedral. Meat is also the principal theme here, with a menu boasting over 30 cuts of steak, along with various game, fowl and fish. The staff and chefs have the highest respect for the meat and know just how each cut is best cooked. If they disagree with the way you want your cut cooked, they will let you know.

Vegetarians will also have a pleasant experience, with a range of salads and contemporary hot dishes on offer. The bar menu has a wide variety of European and Russian wines, liquor and stylish cocktails. If you can't have a drink with your lunch, the tea menu is marvelous and even has a 20 year-old puer — perfect for post-steak digestion.

The third floor is home to the Meat Club, a place for meat connoisseurs that was begun in 2001 at Kuznetsky Most. Here the menu is almost all beef, with few "non-beef" and "non-meat" offerings. But what else would you expect?

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4 Ulitsa Prechistenka. Metro Kropotkinskaya

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