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Moscow City Center to Gain 40 Public Wi-Fi Spots

Moscow City Hall will mount 40 navigation tables with free Wi-Fi in the city center, the Moscow city government's official website announced Tuesday.

Placed on 11 streets within the Garden Ring, the tables will be constructed in four sizes to accommodate the streets' level of pedestrian traffic.

The move is a part of a City Hall initiative to create walking zones in the center of Moscow and encourage Moscow residents to use public transportation.

Free wireless access and USB ports are also going to appear at 181 bus stops by the end of the year, deputy mayor and head of the Moscow department of transport and road infrastructure Maxim Liksutov announced on Oct. 30.

The Moscow metro already provides free wireless internet.

Orthodox believers in the capital could soon get access to a special Wi-Fi network which will block inappropriate content, Moscow Patriarchate deputy speaker Roman Bogdasarov told Izvestia on Friday.

The religious network will block access to online content deemed extremist, sectarian or pornographic, the report said.

Not to be left out, Muslim programmers were working on their own “halal social network” that would only give access to content in line with Islamic beliefs, according to deputy head of the Council of Muftis of Russia, Rushan Abbyasov.

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