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Chaban Haus Serves Steak Fresh From the Steppes

At Chaban Haus you pick your steak and tell the chef how you’d like it cooked. Or you can stock up and do your cooking at home.

From pasture to table, it's closer than you think.

A recent opening on Novy Arbat is fast becoming a new mecca for the carnivores among us. Chaban Haus is a cross between a restaurant, wine bar and supermarket, with a restaurant to be opened by the end of the month.

Right now the brasserie on the first floor is open. There are about 15 tables and a counter where diners can watch the chefs work their magic on the grill. But this is not a typical Moscow bar and grill.

First of all, the meat — beef and lamb — are from Kalmykia. The beef is from a breed native to Kalmykia, and the sheep are the promisingly named fat-rumped Eldebayev breed. All the livestock is free range and grass fed. And that means that the meat is beautifully marbled, has a strong, rich flavor, and a bit of bite. If you've never had real meat like this before, you might be surprised by the flavor and texture.

Alyona Vinokurova

The second unique aspect of Chaban Haus is that the owner of the livestock is the owner of the restaurant. It's all one company from field to table, with no middlemen. That makes for much lower prices for the meat than what's on offer in Moscow's other steak houses.

And the third innovation is that the customers pick out exactly the pieces of meat they want and tell the chef how they want them cooked. Each piece in the display case is wrapped individually with its own price tag. In most cases — if the cost is more than 250 rubles — you only pay for the price of the meat, with cooking, service, garnishes and sauces free.

Chaban Haus does some mean burgers — almost a dozen varieties made from beef, lamb, and chicken. They even do a vegetarian and a salmon and shrimp burger. The Chaban Black Burger seems to already have fans: it's a double lamb burger on a bun.

Chaban Haus

+7 (985) 967 4752
21 Novy Arbat
Metro Smolenskaya

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