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City Duma Mulls Fining Muscovites for Dropping Cigarette Butts

Moscow authorities are planning to introduce a fine for dropping cigarette butts on the city's streets, the news website reported Monday.

The measure and the size of the fine will be discussed by members of the Moscow City Duma's commission for environmental policy on Oct. 14, said Zoya Zotova, chair of the commission.

“This matter requires thorough discussion. Five hundred rubles [$8], for instance, is not a serious fine, while 5,000 rubles [$76] is too much for a misdeed like that. I think the fine will be about 2,000 rubles [$31],” Zotova was cited by as saying Monday.

She also suggested putting photos of fined offenders on “boards of shame” that lawmakers earlier proposed erecting near residential buildings in order to promote law-abiding behavior. Street cleaners and members of residents' councils will be able to report wrongdoing to the police, Zotova added.

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