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Kemerovo Showers Large Families With Sheep, Rams

Some 1,000 sheep and rams will be distributed among large families in Siberia as part of a regional government initiative announced Wednesday by the Kemerovo administration.

According to the announcement, 500 large families will be eligible to receive a sheep and a ram each.

In the Kemerovo region, large families are defined as those with three or more children. To qualify, families will be required to prove that they have adequate facilities to house the animals first.

The program aims to promote sustainability. "This measure will help families save money and will ensure that they can feed themselves well," said Aman Tuleyev, Kemerovo region's long-standing governor.

The announcement noted that these animals can be used for meat, and their wool can provide material for warm clothing.

For single-parent families with three or more children, the Kemerovo regional authorities have launched a similar initiative. Up to 5,000 such families are eligible to receive five chickens and 10 kilograms of wheat to feed them with.

Since 2009, Kemerovo region families have been gifted 1,000 cows and 5,200 rabbits, in line with similar initiatives, the statement said.

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