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Thieves Nab 99 Pigeons in Moscow Bird Heist

Moscow police have opened a criminal case after 99 pigeons were stolen from a private dovecote in the southwest of the capital, the Moslenta news site reported Tuesday.

The birds' feed and equipment for cleaning their cages were also stolen during the heist last week, the report quoted police spokesman Andrei Galiyakberov as saying. Overall losses incurred from the pigeon theft amount to about 100,000 rubles ($1,800), he added.

After reviewing video footage, police have managed to determine the time of the crime and the vehicle used in the robbery, Galiyakberov told Moslenta. Investigators are continuing to look into the case.

While it is not unusual for thieves to go after pedigree dogs and cats, it is less common for pigeons to be targeted.

Last summer, a chihuahua was stolen by thieves during a burglary south of the capital — just a few weeks after a pedigree Caracal cat worth $12,000 was taken at gunpoint from its Moscow owner.

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