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Ukraine Beats Russia at Women's World Chess Championships in Sochi

Ukraine has outfoxed Russia and emerged victorious on the battlefield — the chess battlefield, that is.

Ukrainian chess player Mariya Muzychuk, 22, on Monday beat Russian counterpart Natalia Pogonina, 30, in the final of the Women’s World Chess Championships held in Sochi from March 16 to April 7. The final score, after four games, stood at 2.5-1.5.

Having already beaten Pogonina four times in the tournament, Muzychuk could have sealed victory with a draw. But she told a press conference that her plan had always been “to fight,” according to a copy of the transcript on the tournament organizers' website.

Following her victory, Muzychuk has become the 15th Women's World Chess Champion, walking away with $60,000 in prize money.

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