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Airline Seeks Insurance for Putin's Presidential Plane

Rossiya Airlines operates 62 aircraft for the Kremlin.

The company that operates President Vladimir Putin's personal airplane has announced a tender to insure the Russian president's fleet of aircraft, Insurance News Agency, an industry news website, reported Thursday.

Rossiya Airlines operates 62 aircraft for the Kremlin, including Putin's specially modified Il-96 long-range airliner — the Russian analogue to the U.S. president's modified Boeing 747, known as Air Force One — and several smaller planes and helicopters.

The insurance tender is valued at 800 million rubles ($18 million). The contract should cover loss of aircraft — be it a crash or simply going missing — and damage.

Based on the demands of the contract, Insurance News Agency said that the most likely winners of the contract are major Russian players SOGAZ, VTB Insurance and Rosgosstrakh.

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