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Ukrainian Roofer Plans to Auction Off Outfit Worn During Moscow Stunt

Pavel Ushivets, better known by the nickname Mustang Wanted, shows the sneakers he wore while painting the Soviet star atop a Moscow skyscraper in the blue and yellow colors of his native Ukraine.

The Ukrainian roofer who climbed a Moscow landmark skyscraper to paint a Soviet star in his country's blue and yellow colors is auctioning off the clothes he wore during the dangerous stunt.

Pavel Ushivets, better known by the nickname Mustang Wanted, told a Ukrainian television channel his sneakers were likely to fetch the highest price out of all the items of clothing and bidding would start at $8000, tabloid LifeNews reported Monday.

The lucky bidder would only get one blue-and-yellow stained shoe for his cash since the roofer is planning to send the other half of the pair to Russia's Investigative Committee as a memento, he said.

Previously, the daredevil sold footage of the stunt to News Media, a private holding in Russia and owner of pro-Kremlin tabloid Lifenews, and used the money to fund the Ukraine army.

It is unclear whether the proceeds of the auction will go to a similar cause.

Russian authorities have issued an international warrant for his arrest on charges of vandalism and hooliganism for covering the star on top one of Moscow's Stalin-era Seven Sister skyscrapers in Ukraine's national colors and draping a Ukrainian flag from its spire.

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