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Mass Brawl Erupts in Russia as Migrants 'Fight for Love'

A group of Central Asian natives clashed in Russia's Far East over the honor of a slighted woman.

Adding a dash of brutal romanticism to labor migration, a group of between 40 and 45 Central Asian natives clashed in Russia's Far East over the honor of a slighted woman.

The incident — which took place last Saturday but was not reported until today — was triggered by an unspecified offense directed at the female partner of one of the migrants, Interfax news agency said Wednesday, citing witness reports.

One Uzbek national and three Kyrgyz men sought medical help after the mass brawl, which was broken up by police, the report said.

Police have detained 11 of the fighters, five of whom — all Uzbekistan natives — are slated for a fine and deportation.

Three Uzbeks were detained on hooliganism charges, the report said, adding all other participants managed to flee the crime scene.

According to Khabarovsk police, the conflict was not ethnically motivated, with people of various nationalities fighting on both sides of the romantic dispute, Interfax said.

It remained unclear whether the injured, the detained and the prospective deportees fought for the unnamed woman's honor or supported her alleged offenders.

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