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Ukraine Extreme Climber Strikes Again in Moscow

A Soviet-style star re-touched with blue paint so it resembles the yellow-and-blue national colours of Ukraine, is seen atop the spire of a building in Moscow.

A Kiev-based 'roofer' who has claimed responsibility for covering the spire of a Moscow architectural landmark in Ukraine's national colors last week has reportedly conquered another high-rise in the Russian capital.

The extreme sportsman, who is known by his nickname Mustang Wanted, posted a 'selfie' of himself atop the main building of Moscow State University, or MGU, on Facebook late on Sunday, alongside a comment saying: "Congratulations on Independence Day, Ukraine!"

Ukraine marked Independence Day for the 24th time on Sunday but it remained unclear whether the photo was actually taken on that day as well.

Mustang Wanted on Friday came forward as the man behind a stunt that saw a skyscraper on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment have a flag attached to its spire and its Soviet-star pinnacle covered in yellow and blue paint last Wednesday.

The antic — the first in a series of Ukraine-related incidents in the Russian capital — has led to four Russian climbers detained at the scene to be placed under house arrest, pending a case on charges of hooliganism motivated by political hatred which could see them serve years behind bars.

"I consider my act to be an 'art performance' and I dedicate it to Ukraine's Independence Day and also to all the lads who right now are defending my homeland. Glory to Ukraine!" Mustang wrote on Facebook on Friday.

Both the MGU and the Kotelnicheskaya skyscraper belong to the seven Stalinist buildings in Moscow known as the "Seven Sisters" and are considered among the city's top landmarks.

The Kiev-based extreme climber, also known as Grigory, has illegally climbed many high-rise buildings and tall structures, earning a cult following thanks to videos of his exploits going viral online.

Despite all the evidence showing the Russian authorities do not take to the Ukraine-activist stunts lightly, some of Mustang's followers seemingly hope his divide-and-conquer days are not over.

"Take care! You've still got the Kremlin to repaint!" a commenter said in reaction to the MGU photo.

The comment received more than 1,800 Facebook 'likes.'

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