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Russian Sitcom Star Natalya Bochkaryova Robbed

A break-in at sitcom star Natalya Bochkaryova.

A break-in at sitcom star Natalya Bochkaryova's apartment has stripped the celebrity of cash and gold jewelry worth nearly 6.4 million rubles ($188,000), a police official said.

Bochkaryova, best known for her role as Dasha Bukina in "Schastlivy Vmeste", an authorized copy of U.S. sitcom "Married With Children," was away on a business trip when her apartment was burglarized, a police official told Interfax on Monday.

Her husband said the burglars cracked a safe in the apartment and did away with 60,000 euros, $10,000 and valuable jewelry, the report said.

A spokesperson for the Moscow city police confirmed the burglary but refused to provide details, Interfax reported. 

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