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Moscow City Zoo Celebrates Arrival of 2 Baby Monkeys

Moscow City Zoo is celebrating the births of two baby monkeys within a week — adding a mandrill and macaque to its population of primates.

The baby female mandrill, a species closely related to the baboon, was born on June 12 and joins its three brothers and sisters, who also live at the park, the zoo said Friday in a statement on its website.

The second birth followed only five days later, with a long-tailed macaque giving birth to her first child, the report said.

The zoo added that the newborns spend most of their time clinging to their mothers, as befits baby monkeys, and that the other monkeys had received them in a "friendly" manner.

In September last year, the zoo welcomed a baby gorilla named Ama, though the feel-good story took a turn for the worse when her mother abandoned her after two months and her father accidentally injured her paw — which later had to be amputated — during a play session.

The zoo said in May that the little gorilla had gotten used to its missing limb, however, and was doing "fantastically well."

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