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Massive Brawl of Builders With Hammers in Moscow Goes Viral

Warning: this video contains contains disturbing images and Russian profanity.

A massive brawl between migrant construction workers in downtown Moscow went viral on Friday with footage showing dozens of men violently lashing out at each other with hammers as onlookers egg them on.

The fight — described in a YouTube video as a "battle between Tajiks and Uzbeks" — occurred earlier this week outside the Moscow City business center in central Moscow, where the workers were apparently engaged in construction works.

About 50 men took part in the hullabaloo, many of them armed with hammers and wearing construction helmets. Footage shows a giant flock of workers shouting in their native languages before a massive brawl erupts between two groups, with the men swinging hammers and flinging helmets.

A witness who filmed the incident from a nearby apartment offers running commentary as the chaos unfolds, egging them on with "Come on, don't stop!" and calling the migrant workers "Maidanites" in a seemingly humorous reference to the violent uprising in Kiev that saw Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych ousted in February.

"They're going to cause another Maidan," the witness can be heard saying in the video.

After several long minutes of the war-like scene unfolding, with one man visibly sustaining severe injuries, the witness asks another person watching the scene, "Did you call the police?"

The second man responds with, "Let them massacre each other."

Police told that they were unaware of the incident and had not received any complaints related to it.

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