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Man Dies After Trying to Ride Metro Car Roof

A young man fell under the train at the Shipilovskaya metro station in Moscow, Russia.

A young man was killed after falling under a train on the Moscow subway, in what investigators believe was a failed attempt to ride on the roof of a rail car.

The man — who appeared to be about 18 years old and had student ID on his person — fell under the train at the Shipilovskaya station on the light-green line at mid-afternoon on Sunday, a Moscow police spokesperson said, Interfax reported.

"The body was retrieved within seven minutes," the spokesperson said.

Investigators believe that the man may have been a thrill-seeker trying to ride on the roof of the train, the spokesperson said.

Another thrill-seeker was detained by police at the end of the two-week New Year's holiday in January for riding in the gap between two rail cars.

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