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Moscow Approves Anti-War Protest March

City Hall has given permission for a rally opposing Russian intervention in Ukraine to be held in central Moscow on Saturday.

The so-called March of Peace will start on Pushkin Square at 2 p.m. before proceeding to Turgenev Square. A rally will then take place on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova, Interfax reported Tuesday.

Alexei Maiorov, head of the Moscow's regional security department, said that city authorities and the march organizers have yet to agree on the number of participants that will allowed to take part.

The organizers applied for a rally with 50,000 people, but Maiorov said that the target is unrealistic.

"I think that the organizers themselves understand that," he said.

Alexander Ryklin, one of the event's organizers, said they have no plans to change the number of participants.

The organizers had applied for a march starting on Tverskaya Ulitsa and culminating in a rally outside the Kremlin on Manezh Square, but the city administration refused, citing concerns about transportation disruption.

A rally attended by 65,000 people was held near Red Square on Friday in support of the Russian speaking population of Ukraine's Crimea region, where a referendum is set to take place on Sunday to determine whether its citizens want the peninsula to become part of Russia.

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