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Zhirinovsky Says 'Love Is Death' in Valentine's Day Rant

For many people Valentine's Day is either a celebration of love and romance or the hallmark of consumerism, but for Liberal Democratic leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky the day has more morbid implications.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Zhirinovsky advised couples not to count on long-lasting love and told them to kiss each other on the forehead rather than on the mouth.

"Why on the forehead?" he asked. "Because corpses are kissed on the forehead, and love is death. You should know it's bound to end soon."

Even kisses on the forehead are not entirely free of risk, however.

Before attempting a kiss, lovers should first wipe their partner's forehead "with an alcohol wipe or cologne" to avoid an infection, Zhirinovsky said.

Earlier this year, Zhirinovsky told his party members to limit having sex to three to four times a year, though party insiders have said that was a joke.

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