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Prokhorov Leaves His Party's Helm to Shed 'Political Labels'

Billionaire politician Mikhail Prokhorov explained his decision to leave the helm of the Civic Platform party as needing to get rid of the political labeling of the party caused by his leadership.

"Many labels that the so-called 'free press' attaches to me in Russia are automatically applied to our party," Prokhorov wrote in his LiveJournal blog Friday.

"Let's try to free ourselves from them to disarm our ill-wishers that way," he wrote.

He added that the Civic Platform has been searching for an optimal form of administration by the people who share the party's principles.

For that reason, the principle of rotation for administrative personnel that has been implemented on the lower level must also be applied to the party's central apparatus, Prokhorov said.

Meanwhile, Prokhorov has recommended his sister Irina, whom he described as "one of Moscow's cultural leaders and an independent politician with a clear vision for the development of social and human capital," as "an ideal candidate for that challenging and responsible role."

Prokhorov said his sister's arrival as the head of the party's central committee does not mean that he is leaving its ranks.

"I founded Civic Platform, I am staying in the party, I will continue to work with Irina and my other colleagues and, of course, with all our supporters," Prokhorov said.

Irina Prokhorova was appointed a new head of the party's central organ, the federal civic committee, for  period of one year, the billionaire politician said.

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