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Belarussian Town Unveils Giant Milk Can for Factory Anniversary

Residents of Rogachev, Belarus, took part in an outpouring of calcium-rich, unspoiled joy at the unveiling of a four-meter-high replica of a condensed milk can to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the city's milk-canning plant.

The statue, which was unveiled Saturday and stands opposite the factory's administrative center, is the world's first such monument, and is made of metal and covered with colored glass mosaics. The sculpture was designed by Gleb Otchik, an employee of the Belarussian State Academy of Arts.

At the unveiling of the statue, residents were encouraged to take part in a literary-poetry competition, entitled "An Ode to Condensed Milk."

Rogachev's facility is the largest manufacturer of condensed milk in Belarus, and names Russia as its largest buyer of the 10 countries to which it exports. The plant plans to produce a record 140 million cans of the substance this year, Itar-Tass reported.

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