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Donald Trump in New Emin Video

Trump fires Emin in the new clip. Eminmusicofficial / YouTube

U.S. billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump figures prominently in a new music video released by Emin Agalarov, an Azeri pop star and vice president of Crocus Group.

Trump and Agalarov previously collaborated while organizing the Miss Universe 2013 contest, which took place in Moscow and was hosted by Crocus Group at Crocus City Hall, their sprawling expo and convention center on the outskirts of Moscow.

The Miss Universe contest features prominently in Emin's new clip: The video opens with Emin in a boardroom-like setting, sitting at a conference table with other suited businessmen looking at head shots of various Miss Universe candidates.

Emin then daydreams that he is back at his house, where he imagines himself to be surrounded by Miss Universe contestants, including Miss Russia, Miss USA, and Miss Ukraine, among a number of contestants featured. The contestants follow Emin around his mansion as he brushes his teeth, dances and plays the piano.

The mirage-like models frequently disappear and reappear, making Emin search for them. When Emin finally finds himself at a swimming pool surrounded by Miss Universe contestants in bikinis, he is suddenly jolted back to the boardroom, where his coworkers glare at him.

Trump, seated at the head of the table, calls Emin lazy and perennially late, eventually closing with his trademark phrase, "you're fired."

Crocus Group president Araz Agalarov recently announced that the company had started discussing joint projects with Donald Trump, who announced plans to construct a skyscraper in Moscow modeled after his Trump Towers in New York and Chicago, combining a hotel with office space and apartments.

If Emin's video is a premonition of what may come from his future collaborations with Trump, he will have to be careful not to snooze in the conference room.

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