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Communists to File Complaint Over Science Reform Law

The Communist Party plans to file a complaint with the Constitutional Court over the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences that was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin last week.

The complaint will note that the transcript of discussions of the bill conducted in the State Duma is inaccurate, said Vadim Solovyov, a communist Duma deputy, the Russian News Service reported Monday. Such an inconsistency means that violations were made during the bill's adoption, he said.

The law, which will see three of the academy's major institutes combined, met with fierce opposition by scientists throughout the country, with the most outrage directed at the law's provision stripping the academy of the right to manage its own property and finances.

"As soon as [the law] is published and we have the opportunity to file a complaint at the Constitutional Court, we will send one. Right now, there is a team of lawyers working on this," Solovyov said.

United Russia deputy Vladimir Burmatov said there was "no question" about the Communist Party having the right to contest the reform, adding that "if there are some doubts with any party, the party can" file a complaint, RBC Daily reported.

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