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What the Papers Say, Aug. 8, 2013


1. Alexei Dospekhov et al. article headlined "Suleiman's decision" says that the Anzhi football club, owned by billionaire Suleyman Kerimov, is facing serious financial, personal and development strategy changes; pp 1, 12 (1,450 words).

2. Viktor Khamrayev article headlined "Law on rallies corrected for personality" says that the law on rallies will be amended so that organizers of rallies will bear responsibility for demonstrators if the latter organize riots and cause damage in the course of a rally, but their punishment will be determined given their personality, property status and mitigating circumstances; pp 1, 3 (568 words).

3. Anna Solodovnikova and Kirill Melnikov article headlined "Dispute between tariff and volume" says that the state-run companies Rosneft and Transneft cannot come to terms over cheap oil supplies to Russia's Far East and blame each other for the situation; pp 1, 9 (708 words).

4. Ivan Safronov et al. article headlined "Barack Obama cancels Vladimir Putin" says that President Barack Obama has canceled a meeting with President Vladimir Putin set for Sept. 3 in Moscow, but he will attend the G20 summit in St. Petersburg; pp 1, 6 (864 words).

5. Maxim Ivanov and Taisia Bekbulatova article headlined "Central Election Commission casts doubt on Yandex Wallet" says that the Central Election Commission has condemned fundraising for the Sept. 8 elections through 'Yandex Wallet', which opposition candidates Alexei Navalny and Gennady Gudkov are using. This may result in an audit of the financing of their election campaigns, the article says; p 2 (553 words).

6. Natalya Pavlova article headlined "Murtaza Rakhimov enters election campaign" says that former Bashkiria head Murtaza Rakhimov has criticized the republic's incumbent head Rustem Khamitov. The move is attributed to Rakhimov's niece standing in the Sept. 8 regional parliamentary election, while experts say that this can be Rakhimov's bid for the 2015 governor election in the republic; p 2 (568 words).

7. Ivan Safronov article headlined "Industry and Trade Ministry appears before ship-building" reports on a meeting on the execution of the state armament program until 2020 for the Navy's needs, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The Industry and Trade Ministry was subjected to criticism at the meeting; p 3 (699 words).

8. Vyacheslav Kozlov and Grigory Tumanov article headlined "No legal grounds found under tents" says that human rights activists have asked the Investigative Committee and the Moscow prosecutor's office to institute criminal proceedings against the organizers of a camp for illegal migrants because it is illegal; p 3 (611 words).

9. Alexander Zheglov article headlined "Policemen purged together with markets" says that the Moscow police are facing purges following an attack on a policemen by natives of Dagestan at the Matveyevsky market. Three policemen were sacked, three more are being prosecuted for bribery and negligence; p 3 (447 words).

10. Timur Samedov article headlined "Militants defend themselves as family" says that Khasanbi Fakov, a rebel leader of Kabarda-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, and his wife have been killed in Nalchik; p 4 (523 words).

11. Alexander Chernykh article headlined "Emergency humidity situation" reports on the situation in flood-stricken Amur Region; p 5 (753 words).

12. Maria Yefimova article headlined "Enrichment limit set for Iran" says that Israel does not share the West's optimism on the peace settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem under the new president. Experts say that Israel may make a decision on a military operation against Iran in the near future; p 6 (455 words).

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

1. Darya Tsilyurik article headlined "America and Russia heading in different directions again" says that the Russian-U.S. summit will not be held in September due to a lack of progress in bilateral relations; p 1, 7 (859 words).

2. Viktor Litovkin article headlined "Italian tank and Russian biathlon" looks at talks between the Russian and Italian foreign and defense ministers in the 2 plus 2 format in Rome, focusing on the discussion of bilateral military and technical cooperation; p 1-2 (710 words).

3. Ivan Rodin article headlined "Voting from summer cottages and money from internet" says that the head of the Moscow Region electoral commission has suggested permitting summer residents (dachniki) to vote in the Sept. 8 Moscow mayoral election at the places of their summer residences. The opposition is sceptical about the idea; p 1, 3 (858 words).

4. Sergei Kulikov and Artur Blinov article headlined "Sochi Olympics becomes nontraditional" says that a threat of a boycott is looming over the 2014 Olympics in Sochi over the West's displeasure with anti-gay laws in Russia; p 1, 4 (788 words).

5. Editorial headlined "Medvedev's theses in August" outlines the main points of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's interview with a Georgian television channel, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008; p 2 (519 words).

6. Gleb Postnov article published in the Carte Blanche regular column headlined "Tatars called for uniting again" looks at a new national policy adopted by Tatarstan head Rustam Minnikhanov; p 3 (529 words).

7. Svetlana Gavrilina article headlined "Navalny's cube" says that an agitation cube will be installed in St. Petersburg within the next two weeks in support of opposition Moscow mayoral candidate Alexei Navalny; p 3 (515 words).

8. Alexei Gorbachev article headlined "Human rights activists complain about jailers" says that the Public Supervisory Commission, which controls the observation of prisoners' rights, has accused the Federal Penitentiary Service of attempts to prevent its activity; p 3 (662 words).

9. Igor Naumov article headlined "They want to unite shipbuilders with gunsmiths" says that Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is in charge of the defense industry sector, is considering combining aircraft building and space sectors with shipbuilding and with arms production sectors as a solution to problems facing these sectors; p 4 (608 words).

10. Dmitry Orlov article headlined "Influence rating of Russian regional heads in July 2013" says that Acting Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin topped the influence rating of heads of Russian regions in July, followed by Tatarstan head Rustam Minnikhanov and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov; p 5 (1,590 words).

11. Yevgenia Novikova article headlined "Islamist regime shakes in Tunisia" says that riots continue in Tunisia as protesters are demanding that the Islamist cabinet of ministers be dismissed and features a Russian expert's comment on the issue; p 7 (663 words).

12. Vladimir Skosyrev article headlined "Shooting in Kashmir undermines peace chances" says that relations between India and Pakistan have worsened following a border incident in Kashmir and features a Russian expert's comment on the issue; p 7 (410 words).

13. Tatyana Ivzhenko article headlined "Verkhovna Rada trips up Yanukovych" looks at a statement made by an lawmaker from the Ukrainian Party of Regions yesterday that a draft association agreement between Ukraine and the EU contradicts the Ukrainian constitution and provides experts' comments; pp 1, 6 (800 words).

14. Editorial headlined "Medvedev's August theses" looks at Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medevedev's interview with the Georgian television channel Rustavi-2; p 2 (440 words).


1. Svetlana Bocharova et al. article headlined "Investigators find out cause of humanization" says that the Investigative Committee has become interested in not only experts who made a report on the second Yukos case and suggested amendments liberalizing criminal laws, but also high-ranking officials and State Duma deputies who worked on the liberalization; pp 1, 3 (1,118 words).

2. Editorial headlined "To shift blame on foreigners" says that the recent large-scale raids on migrants and statements about a rise in crimes committed by migrants, although statistics shows that migrants are less inclined to law violations than locals, have made Russian people consider migrants enemies; pp 1, 6 (441 words).

3. Polina Khimshiashvili article headlined "Nothing to talk about with Putin" says that U.S. President Barack Obama has cancelled the Sept. 3 meeting with Putin and features a Russian expert's comment on the issue; p 2 (652 words).

4. Anastasia Kornya article headlined "Regional electoral commission behaves in European way" says that the Yaroslavl Region electoral commission has registered Vladimir Kara-Murza, a political council member of the RPR-Parnas party, as a candidate for the Sept. 8 regional legislative assembly election despite the fact that he has double citizenship, thus violating the law about elections; p 2 (512 words).

5. Alexei Zakharov article headlined "Cause and effect: Sobyanin's advantage exaggerated" doubts that acting Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin is the frontrunner in the Sept. 8 Moscow mayoral election; p 7 (737 words).

6. Maria Eysmont article headlined "Civil society: Signal from above, response from below" says that certain forces in Russian society have been successfully catching signals from the authorities, but a problem is that when the authorities decide to radically change the rhetoric, these forces may fail to follow the move; p 7 (444 words).

7. Pavel Chikov article headlined "Human rights: dungeon in tower" looks at instances of defendants being beaten in an escort room in the Moscow City Court and says that this has become a usual practice; p 6 (933 words).

8. Ksenia Boletskaya article headlined "Serial pirates" says that the Moscow City Court has obliged the Roskomnadzor media watchdog to block access to a number of series on the websites and over illegal content; p 18 (570 words).

9. Editorial headlined "Burden of evidence" says that a group of internet entrepreneurs have published an open letter in support of opposition candidate Alexei Navalny and this letter looks like a political manifesto of a new business generation; p 6 (318 words).


1. Andrei Gridasov article headlined "Magomed Bilalov reached through his business partner" says that the key suspect in the fraud with Sberbank credit given to construct Olympic facilities in Sochi has been detained in Moscow. Now, it is possible to bring charges in absentia against Magomed Bilalov, brother of the former head of the Resorts of the North Caucasus company, and put him on an international wanted list; pp 1, 4 (583 words).

2. Darya Tsoy et al. article headlined "Kremlin disappointed with Obama's refusal to come to Moscow" says that US President Obama has cancelled the Sept. 3 meeting with Putin over the U.S. whistle-blower Edward Snowden case; pp 1-2 (358 words).

3. Yelizaveta Mayetnaya and German Petelin article headlined "New suspects appear in Kolskaya [oil rig] case" gives an update on the investigation of the Kolskaya oil rig sinkage in the Sea of Okhotsk in December 2011, which claimed the lives of 53 people; pp 1, 3 (1,377 words).

4. Vladimir Zykov article headlined "Romanians to obey Moscow City Court, but Germans not" says that two websites and are to block access to several internet pages within 48 hours following a court ruling based on the anti-piracy law, which came into effect on Aug. 1; pp 1, 3 (402 words).

5. Maxim Sokolov article headlined "Tskhinvali anniversary" says that it was difficult for then President Dmitry Medvedev to make a decision to enter a war with Georgia in 2008 as it contradicted the political thinking of that time that peace is more important than honour; p 1 (555 words).

6. Dmitry Yevstifeyev and Pavel Chernyshov article headlined "Market purges begin with week delay" says that purges of large Moscow markets began on Aug. 7 only, a week after an attack on a policeman at the Matveyevsky market; pp 1-2 (695 words).

7. Lyudmila Podobedova article headlined "Oilmen and gas men to be compelled to re-estimate fuel stock as from 2016" says that the government has instructed the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry to speed up the development of a new classification of oil and gas reserves; pp 1, 3 (1,015 words).

8. Svetlana Subbotina and Yulia Tsoy article headlined "Deputies suggest defending journalists with immunity" says that an lawmaker from the A Just Russia party has suggested amending the law about media by introducing a notion of "journalist immunity" similar to that that parliamentarians have; p 2 (582 words).

9. Yulia Tsoy article headlined "Sergei Sobyanin to take part in draw before debates" says that acting Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin will finally decide on his participation in election debates after the order of candidates' statements is determined by a draw; p 2 (730 words).

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

1. Yulia Krivoshapko article headlined "Penny-worth life" says that Russians have spent 47 billion rubles ($1.4 billion at the current exchange rate) to insure their life and health in January-June, but nevertheless Russia is lagging behind Europe and the U.S., and even Venezuela, in terms of insurance spending per capita; pp 1-2 (795 words).

2. Vitaly Petrov article headlined "Go upstairs" reports on President Putin's meeting with the Russian Railways company head Vladimir Yakunin; p 2 (722 words).

3. Sergei Toporkov article headlined "Money, voter turnover and addresses" looks at a report on the final stage of the Sept. 8 election campaign made by Central Election Commission deputy chairman Leonid Ivlev; p 2 (595 words).

4. Ivan Yegorov article headlined "Five years without war" shares the journalist's impression of a visit to Georgia's breakaway republic South Ossetia; p 4 (1,029 words).

5. Mikhail Falaleyev article headlined "Who called them" says that several law-enforces and Federal Migration Service employees have been detained on suspicion of covering up illegal migrants in Moscow; p 7 (445 words).

6. Yevgeny Shestakov article headlined "Obama to come to G20'" says that the Russian and U.S. foreign and defense ministers will meet in the 2 plus 2 format in Washington on Aug. 9; p 8 (324 words)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

1. Svetlana Samodelova et al. article headlined "Notes of a mad man" details the murder of priest Pavel Adelgeym in Pskov; pp 1, 3 (1,578 words).

2. Mikhail Rostovsky article headlined "How Medvedev 'wanted house', but 'bought goat'" contemplates Russian-Georgian relations and prospects for their development given the fifth anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008; pp 1-2 (817 words).

3. Sergei Bychkov interview headlined "Mirages disappear" with the chairman of the public organization Assembly of People of Georgia, speaking about the aftermath of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008 and prospects for bilateral relations; p 2 (750 words).

4. Renat Abdullin article headlined "But afraid of oblivion" describes prison conditions of Russian businessman Viktor But (Bout), serving his sentence in the U.S. for arms trafficking, as seen by his Russian lawyer Alexei Binetskiy, who visited him in the U.S.; p 3 (391 words).

5. Matvey Ganapolsky article headlined "Illegal migrants and marginal people" speaks ironically about mass raids on illegal immigrants and keeping them in a camp, like a fascist concentration camp, following an attack on a policeman at a Moscow market; p 3 (1,069 words).

6. Lina Panchenko article headlined "Security and law-enforcement structures kill Politkovskaya" says that the lawyer of the suspects in Novaya Gazeta journalist Anna Politkovskaya's murder has accused Russian law-enforcement and security agencies of killing the woman; p 3 (921 words).

7. Tatyana Melikyan article headlined "People who have chosen Sobyanin" addresses five questions to members of the public headquarters in support of Acting Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin; p 6 (3,296 words).

RBC Daily

1. Svetlana Makunina article headlined "Button for United Russia" says the ruling United Russia party has received top places on ballots as a result of the pre-election draw. Regional and municipal elections are scheduled for Sept. 8; pp 1-2 (400 words).

2. Alexander Litoy article headlined "Ten thousand witnesses" says the opposition and civil activists will try to send observers to all polling stations during the election of Moscow mayor; p 2 (300 words).

Komsomolskaya Pravda

1. Varvara Onishchenko article headlined "Obama does not want new cold war" says the U.S. president has cancelled his meeting with Vladimir Putin, whose country granted asylum to U.S. intelligence leaker Edward Snowden; p 3 (200 words).

Komsomolskaya Pravda (weekly)

1. Yevgeny Chernykh article headlined "CIA: History of failures" reviews the book "Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" by U.S. author Tim Weiner, published in Russian recently; pp 4-5 (1,300 words).

Noviye Izvestia

1. Yulia Savina article headlined "No rapid change for country" is an interview with director and co-owner Dmitry Navosha explaining why he joined dozens of internet entrepreneurs who back opposition candidate for Moscow mayor Alexei Navalny; p 1 (300 words).

2. Andrei Chaplygin article headlined "President becomes disillusioned with Kremlin" says US President Barack Obama has cancelled a meeting with Putin because of the situation around Snowden. Russian pundit Alexei Mukhin comments on why Obama should participate in the G20 economic talks in St. Petersburg; p 2 (300 words).


1. Alexei Gordeyev article headlined "Turn named after Snowden" says Russia has been right to grant asylum to CIA intelligence leaker Edward Snowden; p 1 (400 words).

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