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Russian Post to Investigate Negligent Parcel Handling (Video)

YouTube footage showing parcels being tossed out of a train in Novosibirsk.

Russian Post officials in Novosibirsk are investigating a video showing parcels being thrown haphazardly onto the city's train station platform by an unidentified worker .

"The direction of the train, the ownership and the car number, as well as whether or not the boxes shown in the footage are Russian Post or another cargo transportation company still needs to be determined," a postal service spokesman said Wednesday, according to Interfax.

The company said the parcels do not clearly show Russian Post labeling and could be another private company's cargo, but they are eager to identify the worker, Interfax said.

The footage shows the parcels being lobbed shamelessly onto the platform and has gathered 40,000 views since Monday. A voice can be heard saying, "This is how they treat our mail."

Russian Post has 42,000 post offices, 380,000 employees, 52 million parcels, and processes 1.5 billion letters annually. Meanwhile, the company received 27,000 complaints, 15,000 burned letters, and 7.5 million rubles of fines in the last six months, Novoye Vrema reported.

In April, the Communications and Press Ministry sacked the chief executive of Russian Post after a backlog of 500 tons of parcels awaiting customs clearance built up at Moscow airports. Post officials explained the backlog by a dramatic uptick in online purchases and a shortage of customs staff.

Alexander Kiselyov, who had headed Russian Post since February 2009, formally resigned from his position as CEO, in keeping with the standard procedure for sacked officials. He was replaced by Dmitry Strashnov, former head of the Tele2 mobile operator.

In March, a video surfaced on YouTube showing seething Russian Post employees swearing at a customer, throwing him out of the post office, and then chasing him with a broom down a street in a town in the Moscow region. After that incident, Russian Post instructed its employees not to allow video recordings in post offices.

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