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Bear Chases Russian Villager Up Tree (Video)

A YouTube video showing a bear trying to climb after a young man in a tree. 18+

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about Russia is that people can encounter bears roaming the streets of Moscow.

While the only bears visible in Moscow are locked in the zoo, the animals can be found prowling uncomfortably close to people in other parts of the country, as seen in a YouTube video published Sunday.

The footage shows a brown bear trying to scale a tree in hopes of catching a young man anxiously perched on a branch.

The large creature, which chased his would-be, sports cap-wearing dinner up the tree, seems to be close to grabbing the young man. At the same time, the young man appears to be stuck, unable to go any farther up or down.

A male voice, presumably the camera operator, can be heard cursing in Russian. "He's [expletive]," the man says. "It's about to get him."

It was unclear where and when the video was shot.

The short video clip ends before the outcome of the man-and-bear standoff is revealed.

But the YouTube poster wrote in comments below the video that the young man managed to shoo away the bear and escape into the safety of his nearby home.

"A typical Russian village!" he wrote. "There is always [something] going on."

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