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2 Beaver Attacks End in a Death (Video)

A YouTube video showing a beaver darting after a man in the Tver region.

A fisherman has died after being bitten by an aggressive beaver in Belarus.

The unidentified resident of the city of Brest spotted the beaver walking on the side of the road while driving with two friends on a fishing trip at Lake Shestakov on Wednesday, the Brestsky Courier newspaper reported.

The man stopped the car and approached the beaver to take a photograph, but the animal suddenly pounced on him, biting him in the thigh. His friends tried to bandage the wound and called for an ambulance. But the bite hit a main artery, and the man bled to death before the ambulance arrived.

The beaver attack was not the first. In 2003, dairy cattle breeders in Belarus told of a large beaver attacking a farm manager who tried to shoo it out of a barn. A female farmhand rushed to help him, but they both were bitten by the animal, which they said appeared to be inflected with rabies. Both survived.

Earlier this week a video was posted on YouTube showing a recent beaver scare in the Tver region northwest of Moscow. The author, Alexander Targon, said he dropped his camera and lost a shoe as he fled a beaver that darted toward him as he filmed it. "Those who have seen the teeth of beavers will understand me," he wrote in a comment next to the video.

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