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Opposition Nationalists Searched in Apparent Crackdown

Nationalist Vladimir Tor's office, the headquarters of the opposition's Coordination Council during its October elections, was searched Thursday morning due to an accusation that Tor had acquired an apartment under false pretenses.

The same day, the home of Alexander Belov, a leader of the nationalist Russkiye movement, was searched by officers, who did not tell him why the search was taking place, opposition news site announced.

Tor, who heads the National Democratic Party's executive committee, told Izvestia that the probe was designed to disrupt his party's registration with the Justice Ministry.

He said counterextremism investigators seized computers and documents and were eyeing the National Democratic Party's registration documents, which the party had been planning to file soon with Justice Ministry.

"I suppose that police will confiscate these documents in order to paralyze the process of registration and the party's work in general," he said.  

The official reason for the search of Tor's office was a fraud investigation stemming from an allegation that Tor unlawfully acquired a 16-square-meter apartment in 2011.

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