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What the Papers Say, Nov. 12, 2012

Igor Tabakov


1. Ivan Safronov and Yelena Chernenko article headlined "They Stand Behind Backs" says the record-large arms deal reached between Moscow and Baghdad which is estimated at $4.2 billion has nearly been disrupted. According to some reports, the U.S.A. and Ukraine are trying to persuade the Iraqi authorities that Russian arms are overpriced; pp 1, 7 (772 words).

2. Ivan Safronov article headlined "Glonass Directs at Corruption" comments on the dismissal of chief designer of the Russian Space Systems and designer of the Glonass navigation system Yury Urlichich; pp 1-2 (685 words).

3. Alexandra Bayazitova article headlined "Bankruptcy Without Borders" says many Russians are pinning their hopes on a bill on personal bankruptcy, which is to be passed by the State Duma in the first reading. People hope to resolve their financial problems with the help of the bill; pp 1, 10 (552 words).

4. Khalil Aminov and Anna Perova article headlined "Vladimir Bryntsalov Being Ousted From 'Caucasus Riviera'" says businessman Vladimir Bryntsalov risks losing control over a sanatorium in Sochi which he planned to turn into a five-star resort ahead of the Winter Olympics 2014. The local authorities want to return control over the facility and claim that the businessman destroyed an architectural monument; pp 1, 9 (538 words).

5. Maxim Ivanov and Irina Nagornykh article headlined "Party With Shifted Center of Gravity" says President Putin has approved the election of former Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Vasilyev as new head of United Russia's faction in the State Duma; p 2 (645 words).

6. Kirill Belyaninov article headlined "Non-Extradited Businessman" says the U.S. Justice Ministry did not allow Russian businessman Viktor Bout to serve his prison sentence at home; p 5 (740 words).

7. Kirill Belyaninov article headlined "Congress Returns to Coordination" says the U.S. Congress is to consider the possibility of cancelling the Jackson-Vanik amendment and at the same time to impose sanctions on Russian officials from the so-called Magnitsky list; p 7 (498 words).

8. Georgy Dvali article headlined "President Entrusts Man Under Investigation With Armed Forces" says Georgian President Saakashvili has received Chief of Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Giorgi Kalandadze in his residence and told him to continue performing his duties despite the fact that a criminal case was opened against him; p 7 (437 words).

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

1. Ivan Rodin and Alexandra Samarina article headlined "Sergei Ivanov Looks After Both Duma and Government" comments on the growing political power of presidential administration head Sergei Ivanov who reportedly promoted lawmaker Vladimir Vasilyev to the post of United Russia faction head; pp 1, 3 (865 words).

2. Viktor Litovkin article headlined "Baghdad Battle for Billion" says the Iraqi government cannot come to agreement over an arms deal with Russia, as Baghdad first announced its plans to cancel the deal, but later denied the information; pp 1-2 (757 words).

3. Alexei Gorbachev article headlined "Prime Minister to Replace President Again" says the EU officials do not expect Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in the Russia-EU summit in December. Prime Minister Medvedev is expected to attend the meeting; pp 1, 3 (683 words).

4. Vladimir Mukhin article headlined "Vladimir Putin Afraid of Star Wars" says the reshuffle in the Defense Ministry is attributed not only to the corruption scandal but also to the results of the Armed Forces reform; pp 1-2 (771 words).

5. Vladimir Skosyrev article headlined "China Ready to Stack U.S.A. on Shoulders" comments on the economic forecast saying that China will become the world's leading economy by 2016 pp 1-2 (457 words).

6. Anton Khodosevich article headlined "Lukashenko's New Intrigue" comments on plans by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to export cargo via St. Petersburg ports instead of the Baltic States. Economic experts believe that Lukashenka is just willing to create another sensation rather than implement the plans; pp 1, 6 (779 words).

7. Editorial headlined "Emergencies Defense Ministry" says the reshuffle in the Russian Defense Ministry raises questions about further implementation of the Armed Forces reform; p 2 (519 words).

8. Oleg Nikiforov article headlined "Russia-Germany Year in Critical Tones" comments on the critical stance of German lawmakers toward Russia ahead of the two countries' consultations; p 3 (707 words).

9. Nikolai Surkov article headlined "Syrian Opposition to Fight to the End" says the Syrian opposition congress in Qatar has managed to come to agreement over an alternative government, the Syrian National Coalition; p 6 (474 words).

10. Yury Paniyev article headlined "CIA Head Resigns Due to Mistress" says CIA head David Petraeus has resigned because of an extramarital affair; p 6 (705 words).


1. Yevgenia Pismennaya and Olga Kuvshinova article headlined "Putin: 2%" says President Putin has allowed Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets to reduce the accumulative component of Russian pension savings from 6 down to 2 percent. Economic experts believe the decision is a mistake; pp 1, 3 (1,110 words).

2. Rinat Sagdiyev and Olga Petrova article headlined "Masters of Tverskaya [Ulitsa]" says most of the real estate on Moscow's central Tverskaya Ulitsa belongs to Russian businessman Mikhail Gutseriyev and Kazah billionaire Bulat Utemuratov; pp 1, 12 (2,318 words).

3. Yelena Vinogradova and Anfisa Voronina article headlined "Better More Expensive and With Discounts" analyzes trends on the Russian car market and says that Russian consumers are losing interest in new vehicles; pp 1, 10 (655 words).

4. Editorial headlined "Putin's Quasi-Purge" says a number of anti-corruption cases recently opened in Russia show that Vladimir Putin has started a purge of the ruling elite; pp 1, 4 (498 words).

5. Mikhail Overchenko article headlined "Man of Week: Barack Obama" looks into reasons for Barack Obama's victory at the U.S. presidential election; p 4 (351 words).

6. Another editorial headlined "The Same Rake" slams the Russian government's pension policy as the accumulative part of pension savings is to be reduce despite a hike in social taxes; p 4 (280 words).

7. Natalya Bianova interview with Yury Novozhilov, executive director of the Blagosostoyaniye nongovernmental pension fund, speaking on the ongoing pension reform in Russia; p 5 (2,510 words).

8. Anastasia Kornya article headlined "Others Given 8 Years" says the first verdict given to a protester on Nov. 9 for fomenting a mass disorder during a Moscow opposition rally strikes by its cruelty; p 2 (400 words).


1. Tatyana Shirmanova article headlined "NGO Bringing Up Patriots to Get State Subsidies" says a new bill guarantees financial support of the authorities to Russian NGOs engaged in patriotic education of youngsters; pp 1, 3 (713 words).

2. Andrei Gridasov article headlined "Interior Ministry Gets Rid of Brezhnev Syndrome" says the Interior Ministry has worked out new rules for awarding policemen; pp 1, 4 (720 words).

3. Alexandra Yermakova article headlined "Russia to close 'Asian super circuit' in Japan" says the Russian Energy Ministry is to develop a project to lay an underwater electric cable to supply Russian energy from Sakhalin to Japan; pp 1, 4 (1,092 words).

4. Pyotr Kozlov article headlined "Officials Allowed to Accept Arms, Alcohol and Food" reviews the list of gifts Russian officials will be allowed to receive as presents or gratitude for their services; pp 1, 3 (426 words).

5. Olga Zhermeleva interview with Dagestani President Magomed Magomedov speaking on the development of the republic and reasons preventing young Dagestanis from doing military service in Russia; pp 1-2 (1,805 words).

6. Alexei Mikhailov and Vladimir Voloshin article headlined "Future Air Group of Mistral to Train on Pirates" says the Russian Defense Ministry is considering the possibility of using Ka-27, Ka-29 and Ka-52 helicopters against Somali pirates; p 2 (452 words).

7. Igor Yavlyansky article headlined "'Grandchildren Revolution' Started in Saudi Arabia" comments on the renewal of the Saudi Arabian leadership; p 7 (620 words).

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

1. Yury Gavrilov article headlined "Generals Step Higher" comments on the new appointments in the Russian Defense Ministry; pp 1-2 (548 words).

2. Tatyana Panina interview with Audit Chamber head Sergei Stepashin speaking on the audit of the funding of the construction of facilities for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vladivostok; pp 1, 5 (1,423 words).

3. Viktor Feshchenko article headlined "Short Report" gives details of the resignation of BBC director-general George Entwistle over a scandalous TV program; p 7 (995 words).

Moskovsky Komsomolets

1. Igor Subbotin article headlined "Not Everything Calm in Baghdad" gives details of the scandal over the Russian-Iraqi arms deal. The author alleges that Iraqi officials have received $195 million worth of bribes for the deal; pp 1-2 (557 words).

2. Viktoria Prikhodko article headlined "Putin to See Fundamentally New Human Rights Council" reviews the list of new members of the human rights council under the Russian president; pp 1-2 (369 words).

3. Mikhail Rostovsky article headlined "Triple Bottom of Luzyanin Case" comment on the verdict to opposition activist Maxim Luzyanin who was sentenced to four and half years in a penal colony; pp 1-2 (665 words).

RBK Daily

1. Galina Starinskaya interview with TNK-BP co-owner and executive director German Khan speaking on the company's takeover by state-controlled oil giant Rosneft; pp 1, 5 (2,000 words).

Novaya Gazeta

1. Andrei Kolesnikov article headlined "Highest, But Not Last Stage of Nepotism" analyzes Vladimir Putin's personnel policy after the defense minister was replaced; p 12 (538 words).

2. Boris Makarenko article headlined "Have You Reset It? Launch!" looks into Russian-U.S. relations, which he calls a "post-Cold War"; p 12 (585 words).

Moskovskiye Novosti

1. Arkady Dubnov and Fedor Lukyanov interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking on various issues of world politics; p 5 in Big Politics section (1,000 words).

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