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Top Doctor Gives Flu Advice

A top Russian doctor recommended Tuesday that people dress warmly, eat a good breakfast and stock up on protective face masks to combat a seasonal flu outbreak.

Gennady Onishchenko, head of the state consumer protection watchdog, said the flu season has yet to hit the country but people should get prepared.

"When it arrives, we'll tell you," he told reporters. "Then you should annoy others by wearing a mask in shops, in the metro and behind the wheel of your car."

He also suggested "dressing for the season, getting outside and eating breakfast, because an empty stomach is not the best defense against the flu," Interfax reported.

He said flu vaccinations could also help, noting that 9.4 percent of the population have been vaccinated so far — or 13.48 million people — and that he expected more than 30 percent to have received the injections this winter, Itar-Tass reported.

At-risk groups recommended for flu vaccinations include teachers, health professionals, students, children who attend preschool and those over 60 years old. The vaccine is produced in Russia and aims to combat all strains of influenza expected in the upcoming season.

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