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Aeroflot Inks Deal to Use More Sheremetyevo Terminals

Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo Airport appeared to bury the hatchet Tuesday as they signed a deal under which the national carrier will use terminals E and F in addition to Terminal D.

Currently, Terminal D is the main hub for Aeroflot and its Sky Team partners. The airline said the agreement was aimed at "optimizing Aeroflot's activities at Sheremetyevo."

"This agreement will allow us to improve the level of service and synchronize the activities of the airline and the airport," Aeroflot said in a news release.

The deal came a day after Aeroflot tried to oust Sheremetyevo chief executive Mikhail Vasilenko.

Aeroflot had vowed to have Vasilenko dismissed for alleged mismanagement that led to a series of flight delays last week and a power outage in September, but the company failed to to get the matter on the agenda of a meeting Monday. The issue might be raised at a later board meeting.

In earlier attempts to reach a partnership agreement, Vasilenko had reportedly refused to sign it because he believed it discriminated against other airlines and would make the airport vulnerable to lawsuits.

Aeroflot holds 8.96 percent in Sheremetyevo Airport. The government owns 83.04 percent, and VTB has a 3.76 stake.

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