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Moscow Celebrates Anniversary of People's Poet Vysotsky

Soviet actor, singer and poet Vladimir Vysotsky

Moscow on Wednesday marks the 32nd anniversary of the death of Vladimir Vysotsky, a Soviet poet, actor and gritty-voiced vocalist who acquired legendary status for his unique singing style and powerful lyrics.

The capital will play host to a series of plays, concerts and exhibitions to honor Vysotsky, an icon quoted as often as Romantic poet Alexander Pushkin.

Galina Urvacheva, deputy director of the State Vysotsky Museum, told Itar-Tass that Wednesday's celebrations would be modest by previous years' standards but that the exhibits had been carefully chosen.

Among the anniversary program, Vysotsky's House on Taganka Ulitsa is showing "Heavenly Apples," a play based on Vysotsky's compositions.

The Taganka Theater, where Vysotsky himself acted in the role of Hamlet, is putting on a concert program called "I, Vladimir Vysotsky..." featuring the multitalented artist's poetry and songs.

State-run television stations are also planning to honor Vysotsky.

On Rossia 1, "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed," a film in which Vysotsky played a leading role as a detective, will be aired, while Channel One will broadcast a documentary about the final year of the Soviet icon's life.

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