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130 Extreme Rope-Jumpers Leap From Bridge Together (VIDEO)

Video posted on YouTube of the group rope-jump over the weekend in Tver.

A group of extreme sport lovers gathered for the fifth Festival of Group Rope-Jumping in the city of Tver to carry out a mass leap from a bridge.

The sport involves jumping from a height while attached to a rope, causing the leaper to fall to the rope's end, then swing back and forth from the momentum gathered during the drop.

The jump over the weekend in Tver, located 170 kilometers northwest of Moscow, involved 135 participants wearing helmets and harnesses who simultaneously sprang from a bridge over a river, according to The jumpers came from Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, the report said. declared the jump to be a world record for number of participants. There is no official world rope-jumping body and it could not be determined whether the jump was unique. Video of the jump posted on YouTube said 133 people participated.

In 2011, a group of 100 jumpers leapt together at the festival, the news site said. The year before, 66 people did a group jump.

Rope-jumping is relatively safe, with only three reported fatalities around the world as a result of jumps from 2006 to 2011, according to the Russian edition of Popular Mechanics.

A compilation of photographs and video of rope-jumping produced by Moscow-based group Mad Squirrels.

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