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Rogozin Off NATO Missile Negotiations

Denis Grishkin

Outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev signed an order Wednesday removing Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin from his duties as Russia's point man for negotiations with NATO on missile defense.

"The signing of the decree is related to Dmitry Rogozin's increased workload as deputy prime minister and the execution a number of important orders by the head of state," a statement on the Kremlin's website said.

Experts had seen Rogozin's appointment to the position as a message to show the West Russia's tough stance on the missile defense issue. It was not immediately clear who would take his place.

Rogozin took over the role as the special presidential representative for cooperation with NATO on missile defense in December 2011 Sergei Ivanov left the position to head the presidential administration.

Rogozin also left is position as ambassador to NATO in December to become deputy prime minister.

Rogozin will retain his position as the head of an interagency working group on cooperation with NATO on missile defense.

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