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Top Gear Live Show To Play Olimpiisky

The Top Gear live show has had more than a million viewers on its tour.

Fans of the British television program "Top Gear" will get a chance to see hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, burning cars, test drives and wild stunts at the Olympiisky Stadium on Friday and Saturday.

The live show is a faster version of the TV show, a worldwide hit, but with added pyrotechnics.

"I can't wait to take the show to Moscow," Clarkson said in a press release, "I want to warn Russian businessmen that we are not like an English football club and don't even think about trying to buy us off."

Organizers won't exactly say what the Moscow fans can expect, but the tour has so far gone through 135 trucks, three ships, one freight plane, 94 cars and 150 sets of tires. More than 1 million people have seen it already, and you never know, the Moscow production could see Clarkson driving a Russian tank while Hammond slips easily into an Oka, the fun-shaped Soviet car.

Expect Clarkson to be his usual self with his mix of humor and offensive banter, and Hammond, nicknamed the Hamster in Britain, to be as short as usual.

Michael Petrovsky, a host of the Russian edition of "Top Gear," and actor Oscar Kuchera will join the duo up on stage as the sacrificial victims for the Moscow show, where they will be put through their paces to see who is the bravest.

One of the show's favorite characters, the Stig, a mystery figure whose identity is shrouded in secrecy and who performs the most dangerous stunts on the show, will also make an appearance.

The show's website said the Stig will go to great lengths to get to Moscow without revealing his identity.

Top Gear Live is on Fri. and Sat. at 4 and 8 p.m. Olympiisky Stadium. Prices: 750 rubles to 7,500 rubles ($25 to $250). Children 3 to 10 receive a 30 percent discount. Call +7 (495) 765 45 74.

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