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United Russia Pitches Anti-"Orange" Declaration

The head of United Russia's State Duma fraction Andrei Vorobyov proposed Tuesday that the other parties in the Duma sign a statement declaring the need to prevent an "orange scenario, revolutions and outside interference."

Vorobyov called the proposal "extremely important for the country, for those who want peace, consequent stable growth and changes that will solve problems," according to comments carried by the United Russia press service.

The Duma majority party leader said it could be inferred that the other parties represented in parliament did not want to support the initiative, though no official refusal has been issued. Vorovyov implied that the initiative was something supported by a majority of Russians.

An "anti-orange" rally was held Saturday at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow that drew tens of thousands of demonstrators, who waved signs declaring support for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Speakers at the event uttered grave warnings regarding the threat of Western influence in Russian political affairs, referencing Ukraine's Orange Revolution, which overturned the controversial 2004 election of pro-Russian presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych and which Yanukovych's supporters said was instigated by Western governments.

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