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Hitler Challenges Stalin in Ukraine Ad

Hitler and Stalin briefly squared off in an odd public art contest in western Ukraine, which ended when utilities workers tore down a billboard featuring the Nazi leader.

The Hitler billboard was put up in the city of Zaporozhye by local journalists to protest a monument to Josef Stalin, which was installed in the city last year by  Communists, Interfax said Wednesday.

The poster depicted a disappointed-looking Hitler making a helpless gesture, and asking: "How am I worse than Stalin? Get me a monument too!"

The poster was put up Tuesday, but taken down within hours. Bogdan Vasilenko, editor-in-chief of the Segodnya Plyus weekly, which was behind the ideological prank, said its removal was illegal because the magazine paid 3,000 hryvnas ($375) to have it in place for a month.

The Stalin monument, installed on the premises of the city branch of the Communist Party, has been previously beheaded and blown up in separate attacks, but was restored last month.

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