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Dagestani Brothers Jailed in Terror Case

Two Dagestani brothers living in Moscow were both sentenced to 14 months in prison Monday for harboring a female member of an Islamist group that had planned terror attacks in the capital.

The Kuzminsky District Court ruled that Sultan and Sadir Abdulkerimov knew Zeinab Suyunova’s plans to execute a suicide attack on Red Square on New Year’s Eve last year and offered her shelter, rather than inform police.

“Suyunova arrived in Moscow to carry out a terrorist attack by blowing herself up during festivities ,” prosecutors said. “The Abdulkerimov brothers provided her with new clothes and a hiding place in their apartment, thus concealing her from law enforcement authorities.”

After one of her accomplices accidentally detonated a bomb on Dec. 31, the FSB were alerted and Suyunova sought refuge with the brothers.

She later escaped to Volgograd, where she was detained and confessed.

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