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Hotel National to Be Sold

Moscow City Hall plans to sell the Hotel National, where Lenin lived in 1918, after the Bolsheviks seized power and moved from St. Petersburg.

The city's property department plans to include its 100 percent stake in the five-star Hotel National in the capital's privatization plan for 2011-13, Tatyana Zubanova, a spokeswoman for the property department, said last week. The details of the sale will be determined after Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signs off on the proposal, she said.

The National, built by tsarist-era architect Alexander Ivanov in 1903, sits near the entrance to Red Square, opposite the Kremlin's northern wall. "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin lived here in March 1918 after the Soviet government's transfer to Moscow from Petrograd," reads a plaque near the hotel's entrance.


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