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Customs Officers Film R&B Party

Several officials of the Federal Customs Service may be fired for filming a glamorous music video that depicts them singing and dancing to R&B music in the office, agency spokesman Vladimir Zubkov told Interfax on Wednesday.

The undated 5-minute video, called "Vladivostok Customs Office Rules" and available on YouTube since Tuesday, is set to the music of the Russian pop band Band'Eros.

The professional video, which features impressive choreography, dancing young ladies and officers in flamboyant attire popular with hip-hop artists, is a humorous ode to the glories of working in the customs' Vladivostok branch.

Zubkov said the officers, whose names remain withheld, may face disciplinary sanctions or even sacking for damaging the agency's reputation with the video and violating security rules by filming the scene in the customs office.

The video was shot for a New Year's party and was not intended to go online, an unidentified Vladivostok law enforcement source told Interfax. It remained unclear who uploaded it on the web.

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