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Internet Game Allows Players to Shoot Medvedev at Kremlin

VLADIVOSTOK — Primorye prosecutors have requested an inquiry into a telecom web site that gives visitors a chance to shoot a cartoon likeness of President Dmitry Medvedev, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

The Internet banner on the web site of telecom provider Alyans Telekom in the Far East advertises a promotion plan called "Moscow" with a Medvedev look-alike cartoon popping up from behind the red-brick Kremlin walls.

With a click of the mouse, visitors can shoot the cartoon effigy and send up a golden halo around his head.

Primorye prosecutor's office aide Yelena Telegina said the office had been informed of the web site and asked the police to investigate further.

"An order was given to the Primorye police department by the prosecutor to carry out a corresponding inquiry," she said.

Pro-government groups have used pictures of Kremlin critics such as Boris Berezovsky for publicity-generating target practice in the past.

Galust Akhoyan, a leading Primorye politician and United Russia member, said the use of Medvedev's likeness in the game was unacceptable.

"Caricatures of politicians in civilized societies — that is business as usual. But to use the head of state as a target, that is extremism," Akhoyan said.

The computer game also gives Internet users a chance to shoot other targets such as a hot air balloon, a ship and a submarine.

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