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Train, Metro Ticket Prices to Grow

Train fares nationwide will be increased 10 percent starting January, while in Moscow, metro tickets will cost 2 rubles more compared with the current year, and a trip on the city’s buses, trolleybuses and trams 1 ruble more, reports said Monday.

The increase in prices for Russian Railways and Yakutia Railways, which together control the country’s railroad infrastructure, was approved by the Federal Tariffs Service, the agency said on its web site. In 2009, the prices grew 12 percent, and this year 10 percent.

A single ticket for the Moscow metro will cost 28 rubles, and for other types of mass transit 26 rubles, the city’s tariffs regulator, the Regional Energy Commission, said, Interfax reported.

New rates are being checked by anti-corruption authorities, with the inquiry to end by Dec. 23.

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