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Russia’s Top Automaker Hit By Car Paint Shortage

LADA car dealership. Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

Russia’s top carmaker is facing a car paint shortage, limiting color options for car-buyers to white, black and dark green, Vedomosti business newspaper reported Monday.

Representatives of AvtoVaz told the publication that its flagship Lada models have been available in white and black instead of the original six to eight colors since late 2022. Its Niva model is only available in dark green.

The reported shortage marks the latest example of sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine impacting the country’s automotive industry.

Experts say Russia’s shortage is hampered by low-quality foreign replacements and the near-absence of domestic automotive paint makers, which make up 5% of the industry, with Western sanctions forcing European providers to suspend business.

AvtoVaz says the shortage of automotive paints, which they expect to last until the end of March 2023, has not affected demand in light of an overall shortage of vehicles. 

AvtoVaz sold 46% fewer cars in 2022 than the previous year as overall car sales dropped by nearly 59% last year.

But after Western brands' exit from Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, AvtoVaz catapulted to the top of Russia’s car sales with a 27.4% share of the market.

Experts also note that shortages of other components are more critical to AvtoVaz’s line of cars. 

CEO Maxim Sokolov highlighted earlier this month the “high risk” car part shortages due to supply chain disruptions.

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