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Russia’s National Guard Releases Children's Comics and Toys


Russia’s National Guard has released a series of children’s comics about the work of a valiant animal police force.

The series takes place in the fictional animal city of Dubrava, populated by carnivores and herbivores. Despite their differences, the creatures live in harmony — until their lives are suddenly threatened by those “dissatisfied with animals’ blissful co-existence.”

The city’s police force — the Lesgvardia — must fight against enemies “who are trying to destabilize the order that has been built by generations of peaceful Dubrovites,” the National Guard’s official Telegram channel said Monday. 

Three parts of the series have already been posted on the National Guard’s official website. 

The latest episode sees the Lesgvardia — whose name closely resembles the official Russian name of the National Guard —  ambush the villains’ fighting forces and uncover traces of their mysterious leader.

The National Guard’s latest foray into children’s publishing follows the release of a collection of branded toys announced last week. The series includes miniature copies of cars and equipment used by the National Guard, as well as toy soldiers dressed in the uniform. 

Although the military-inspired toys closely resemble designs used by Danish toy company Lego, their Russian manufacturer, Simbat, has refuted allegations of plagiarism. 

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