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Cross-Border Shelling Damages Russian Bridge, Refinery

Damaged bridge in the Kursk region village of Tetkino.

A bridge and a sugar refinery in western Russia’s Kursk region near Ukraine have been damaged in the latest cross-border shelling, Governor Roman Starovoit said Monday.

There were no injuries or fatalities in the attack on the Kursk region village of Tetkino, Starovoit said.

“The main impact was on the local bridge,” the governor said. “There is damage on the territory of the sugar factory.”

Footage published on his Telegram channel showed the partially damaged bridge, as well as destroyed homes and a burnt-out car.

Tetkino residents have launched a petition calling on President Vladimir Putin to protect them from an increased number of cross-border attacks.

A local resident who published a video address to Putin said plainclothes security agents visited her for an interrogation about possible family links in Ukraine.

Attacks on Russian territory have increased after Moscow’s forces withdrew from Kyiv and Ukrainian forces carried out successful counterattacks toward the Russian border.

At least three Russian civilians have been killed in the reported attacks, local governors have said.

One of the staging grounds for the February invasion of Ukraine, Kursk regions and other nieghboring regions have been under a heightened terrorist threat level since April. 

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attacks on Russian territory while not formally denying being behind them.  

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