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Staff of Shuttered Kyiv Post Announce ‘Independent’ Relaunch Effort

Oleksiy Sorokin / twitter

The staff at Ukraine’s English-language newspaper The Kyiv Post announced efforts to relaunch as an “independent” publication Thursday, days after its owner shuttered it amid a dispute over editorial independence.

The Kyiv Post’s publisher, real estate developer Adnan Kivan, made the shocking announcement Monday that the newspaper will close “for a short time” after 26 years in circulation, effective immediately. Its reporters accused Kivan of attempting to “infringe” on their editorial independence with plans to add a Ukrainian-language edition. 

The fired staff said it held talks with Kivan on Wednesday, urging him to sell the publication to a new owner “who will guarantee its editorial independence,” but were met only with a counteroffer to work under new management.

“The team has decided to decline this offer, as we consider it impossible to work with an owner who seeks to interfere in editorial decisions,” they said.

In a statement on the website, the Kyiv Post staffers said they were “working on a strategy and business plan for the new media” and asked potential investors and advertisers to contact them via an application form.

“If we cannot save the Kyiv Post brand, we can at least save its values,” they said in a joint statement.

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